(July 1st. 11:07pm)

"I love you. I’m sorry about what happened, I want you back."

(July 1st. 4:02am)

"Please talk to me I miss you so god damn much it feels like my heart is going to explode. Jesus why are you so addicting?"

(July 2nd. 3:07am)

"Baby, baby I love you. Fuck, this alcohol tastes like you and my pillow smells just like you and please come home."

(July 2nd. 4:08am)

"I love you so fucking much why did you break my heart into something ugly when our love was so beautiful."

(July 3rd. 6:55am)

"I miss everything about you. Is it normal to feel like a part of me is missing without you here?"

(July 4th. 10:09pm)

"Fireworks are going off and people are cheering and fuck how can they be so happy when the world is falling apart?"

(July 5th 4:02am)

"This was my favorite time of the day with you, when I got to kiss your sleepy lips and hear about all the things you were too afraid to say when the sun was awake. Fuck I miss you so fucking much."

(July 7th 10am)

"You haven’t replied so I guess it’s time I let you go. I’m sorry about everything. I’ll love you forever. Goodbye my love."

Texts I regret sending you. (via jessielou24)

You know me
Better than anyone-
And I’d push you away
If some scrap of me
Didn’t need to be known
On some kind of level.
You terrify me.
I love you.
I need you.
And I hate you
For it.

M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)